Our principles

Mediating and consulting for the purchase and sale of established companies is a highly sensitive matter. We understand company owners and fully respect their needs.

Get peace of mind with our discreet and professional approach from the initial meeting up to the successful completion of the transaction.

We honor and adhere to the following principles


Buying or selling a company is a very confidential matter. We are highly aware of the sensitivity of information. No employees, competitors, customers, suppliers or other subjects will prematurely learn anything about the proposed transaction.

We exercise discretion in every detail. For example, we frequently visit companies in the evening, when all employees have left the plant.


We naturally do not publish the companies currently for sale on our website or elsewhere. We know better ways of seeking and getting potential buyers and sellers while maintaining discretion.


When mediating the sale or purchase of a company we are always on your side and act in your interest. We never have a conflict of interest.


We understand that trust can only be established between equal partners. That is why you always meet in person with an executive of our company. We never send sales reps to you.


Our company is transparent, with a long history and demonstrable experience in the field. You know who is at the head of our company and who you will be dealing with.

We’re just as transparent during the process of buying or selling a company. We explain the entire process to you in advance, keep you up to date with details, and stay at your side until the successful completion of the transaction.


Every company, field of business and owner is unique, which is why we always take an individualized approach to the process of buying or selling. Each case is tied to a particular person and his particular story.

At any given time, we only handle as many transactions as our company executives are able to manage while maintaining top quality services.


When you work with us, you’ll be satisfied with the successful sale of your company. For us that means selling the company to the right buyer who will ensure a good future for the company, at a good price, within the specified time frame.

We will never make unrealistic promises regarding the price and speed of sale. We will never recommend a bad deal.


Most compensation for our work is due only after the successful completion of the transaction (success fee). Successful completion of the transaction is understood to be payment of the agreed purchase price to the seller. That way, you can be sure that we will remain by your side to the very end.

We look forward to meeting you soon

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