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Jindřich Sedláček | Omega - Prodáváme firmy

Jindřich Sedláček

company executive

+420 608 535 333

“You are experts in your field of business and have built a strong foundation for your company. We are experts in the sale of operating companies. We will sell your company to the right buyer for a good price.”

Jindřich Sedláček is a company co-owner and executive who has been in the field for over 20 years. He specializes in negotiations with owners selling their companies.

His many years of practical experience, communication skills, ability to reach agreements and assertive nature will ensure that the sale of your company goes smoothly, according to your wishes.

In addition, he speaks four global languages – English, German, Spanish and Russian, which makes it easy to communicate with foreign companies.

“Buying and selling companies on your own is associated with great risk and many problems. Avoid such risks and leave the entire process to us.”

Vladimír Erben has been working in the field of corporate transactions and acquisitions for over 20 years and is an executive and co-owner of the company.

He focuses on negotiating with investors at personal meetings and during inspections of companies being offered. He works together with lawyers to complete contract documents.

His multi-disciplinary skills and ability to state arguments will be of great help to you when negotiating the sale of your company.

Vladimír Erben | Omega - Prodáváme Firmy

Vladimír Erben

company executive

+420 608 535 335

Jan Skřička | Omega - Prodáváme Firmy

Jan Skřička

company executive

+420 773 058 883

“For most owners, selling a company means relief and the chance for a new start. The start of family life, leisure time and money for hobbies, or possibly a fresh start in a new field of business.”

Jan Skřička is the newest member of Omega management. He gained his economic, legal and entrepreneurial experience while working at a multi-national corporation, where he reached management level, and also from his own business activities. He is able to assume the perspective of company owners and is quite at home in large corporate environments.

He specializes in meetings with owners looking to sell their company. He also represents owners at meetings with investors.

He has great breadth of knowledge, a dynamic approach and always keeps things in perspective. He will create a realistic strategy for selling your company without pie in the sky promises. You can rely on his sincerity and utmost willingness to fight for your interests. Jan is quite comfortable communicating in English.

Michal Kišš is the specialist on our team for the financial analysis and reporting of companies that have been bought or sold. He is well versed in financial and business analysis, as well as accounting, taxes and controlling, and in searching the Internet for relevant data on companies.

Based on the analysis of data and statements, he will point out any possible risks and highlight the hidden potential of your company. His research presents excellent material to justify the sales price of a company. He can also prepare reports in English.

Michal Kišš | Omega - Prodáváme firmy

Michal Kišš

financial analyst

+420 608 332 292