Buy a company

Are you thinking about how to quickly expand into a new region or sector? Where to get qualified employees that aren’t available on the market? Do you want a larger market share? Not sure how to invest disposable capital?

The answer could be simple: buy a company.

We most often help in two different ways

Finding a company to buy

You can turn to us if you want to buy a company in a specific region, a specific field or with specific parameters. You may not know the particular company you want but have a set of defined parameters.

We will find suitable purchase opportunities, perform analyses and narrow down the selection of companies. For some clients, our work ends after performing the research and submitting a list of companies.

Other clients prefer comprehensive acquisition service. In this case, we contact companies with offers and manage all acquisition negotiations. We will successfully guide you up to the signature of the purchase contract and handover of the purchased company. All without worry or risk.

Buying a particular company

You can tell us which particular company you would like to buy.

We will take care of the entire acquisition process. We will examine all risks and represent you if you are unable as a competitor to personally conduct negotiations.

Our many years of experience will protect you when buying a company. We will safely guide you up to the signing of the contract.