FAQs regarding acquisitions

You are experts in your business; we are experts in company acquisitions.

We have been buying and selling companies for many years, which gives us considerable expertise and practical experience.

We have prepared a list of FAQs and answers regarding the purchase of companies and stakes. If you don’t see the answer to your question in this list, contact us and we’ll be happy to respond.

Can you find me a company worth buying?

Yes, certainly.

This is one of the two most common ways we help with acquisitions. The prospective buyer has not found a specific company to buy and asks us to look for a company worth buying in a given sector, region, or with certain parameters.

Can you arrange the purchase of a specific company?

Yes, we can also represent you in this manner. We will be glad to contact specific companies and conduct acquisition negotiations for you.

Of course, we cannot guarantee that the owners of the particular company will be willing to sell their company within the given time frame and price range.

How can a consulting company help with an acquisition?

Our company typically guides the client through the entire purchase. We take care of everything from the search for suitable companies, detailed analysis of these companies, contacting companies and conducting acquisition negotiations, preparation of legal documents up to the signature of the purchase contract and handover of the company.

Thanks to us the investor need not worry about overlooking something during the acquisition that leads to unanticipated problems after the sale.

When purchasing competitors, negotiations without a mediator are often not possible since the competitor may not want to communicate directly with you.

What general price range are the companies for sale?

The sales price for the company acquisitions we mediate typically ranges from 10 to 200 million crowns.

What should one watch out for when buying an operating company?

Investors must thoroughly research the company they are considering buying, a process known as due diligence. This typically includes analyses and audits of individual areas of business (e.g. accounting, taxes, legal disputes, ecology, intellectual property, quality control systems, etc.).

When done properly with professional scrutiny, the risks of buying an operating company are minimal.

What does due diligence mean?

Due diligence is the detailed analysis of all agendas and business operations of a company before it is purchased.

Due diligence includes audits of accounting, taxes and management, audits of environmental management and work safety, contractual relations and company obligations, analysis of debt structure etc.

Isn’t it better to buy directly than through a mediator?

We often encounter the consequences of direct sales when the new owners come to us for advice. Unfortunately, it is often too late for advice. The investor adds up the problems and losses, and sometimes the case even involves the police or the courts.

From our perspective, direct purchases without professional consulting is very risky and not recommended.

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