The process of buying a company

We will guide you through the acquisition process from start to finish

We can help with finding the right company to buy. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll search for and recommend suitable candidates.

Another option is comprehensive acquisition service, where we contact the company, negotiate the sale, arrange all paperwork and contracts, and help with the handover of the company.

Buying a company on your own is very risky

Buying a company is a complicated process. We make sure that you won’t be in for any upleasant surprises or problems after acquiring the company.

Before any acquisition, we perform detailed analyses of all company agendas. For example, we make sure that the bookkeeping is accurate, that the company is not in the middle of any legal proceedings, that it does not have hidden debts, and many other things.

We are business acquisition professionals who will protect you from potential risks.

Example of a company acquisition

You contact us under no obligation

If you are thinking about buying a company or already know which company, you would like to buy, contact us. Just call, send an e-mail or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

We will meet in person

A personal meeting to discuss your plans for buying a company is extremely important. We can meet at our office or we’ll be glad to come right to you. The first meeting is informative and entirely free.

We will sign a contract

As soon as you decide that you would like us to help with the acquisition, we will sign a contract. The contract will lay out the exact conditions for mediating the acquisition (e.g. specification of the company to be acquired, scope of our services, price terms, etc.)

Search for and selection of suitable candidates

The scope of our services is based on client specifications. Some only want help finding and researching suitable candidates. Once this work is done, the client proceeds with the acquisition alone.

Other clients desire comprehensive acquisition service from start to finish. In these cases our work continues.

Contacting select candidates

The next step tends to be contacting select candidates for acquisition. We can fully represent you during these negotiations. We will always keep you apprised of the outcome of these negotiations.

Due diligence cooperation

Our services include help with due diligence – the detailed investigation of the company being acquired and all potential risks.

Legal services

We provide comprehensive legal services and all documents necessary to successful complete the acquisition. We’re with you until the signing of the purchase contract and registration of the new owner in the commercial registry.

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