The process of selling a company

Trying to sell a company on your own can be very risky

This process requires specific expertise and knowledge, particular details must be worked out and everything carefully planned and verified. You are experts in your field, while we have an excellent understanding of selling companies.

In addition, even when selling a business one can fall prey to dishonest people.

Avoid any problems with selling your company

Take advantage of our many years of experience with buying and selling companies. We will make sure the sale of your company goes smoothly.

We will safely guide you through the entire process from the very first meeting to preparing your company for sale, seeking out a suitable buyer, drawing up contracts, entering the new owner in the commercial registry and making final payment of the purchase price.

Typical sale of a company

The entire sale of a company is a very complicated process which generally takes 6 to 12 months. If someone claims they can do it faster, they should be carefully vetted.

Contact us under no obligation

If you are considering selling your company or have already decided to do so, get in touch with us. Just call, send an e-mail or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

We will meet in person

A personal meeting to discuss your plans for selling your company is extremely important. We can meet at our office or we’ll be glad to come right to you. We are absolutely discreet and can even come in the evening to avoid any speculation by employees.
The first meeting is primarily informative and is entirely free.

Together we conclude a contract

As soon as you decide that we’re the right ones to help sell your company, we will draw up and sign a contract. The contract will specify the exact conditions for mediation the sale of the company (e.g. desired sale price, manner of payment, rights and obligations during the course of the transactions etc.)

We will find and contact potential buyers

We have an exceptional track record for selling companies. This is not only due to our experience, but also our extensive database of contacts of potential buyers. We have worked for years with proven methods of finding, selecting and contacting potential buyers.

We guarantee discretion. We will not publicly offer your company on our website. We don’t need to do this to find buyers.

We will present you with offers

Based on our search, selection and communication with potential buyers, we will present you with concrete offers from particular buyers for a specific purchase price.

We will draft and conclude the contract

If you choose one of the offers we submit, we will take care of all the paperwork and prepare all of the necessary contracts. We also take care of all registration and make sure the purchase price is duly paid.

We will help you hand over the company

Once the company is sold, we will help you hand it over to the new owners.

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