What increases/decreases the chance of selling a company?

Company owners often ask us: How can I get the most for my company?”

There are certain economic parameters and attributes that positively or negatively affect the chances of selling a company as well as the sales price. It is advisable to focus on these parameters some time before the actual sale and get the company into the best possible condition. We can help you do this through pre-sale consulting.

What should I focus on before selling my company?

What increases the chance of selling a company?

  • profitability
  • growing sales
  • your own employees, ideally in desired fields
  • proper recordkeeping (accounting, taxes, audits, etc.)
  • a reasonable amount of loans and leasing
  • a quality control system, minimal refund claims
  • unique know-how or technology
  • interesting fixed or liquid assets

What reduces the chance of selling a company?

  • losses, declining sales
  • high level of debt, high degree of leasing
  • threats to field of business (global competition, falling demand, etc.)
  • low quality production, frequent claims
  • overdue receivables and payables
  • problems with bookkeeping (fines, sanctions, etc.)
  • dependence on one or a small number of customers