You want to start over

The thought of selling your company arises at different stages of life. Building up a company is never-ending and demanding work that may not always bring that satisfaction that you imagine.

You spend a lot of time and energy at your company

Your business has seen ups and downs, times of uncertainty and times of stability. And it is quite possible that you now find the company tiring. The idea of selling the company is not the same as giving up. You often think about starting something new. Some of you want to start a business in a new field where they see potential. Others want to break free of their daily routine. And still others want to start doing business somewhere else in the world, enjoy travel and have time for family.

All of you have the same desire – you want a fresh start. And selling the company is the next logical step in fulfilling new goals in your life. It is also another challenge, bringing change and a new direction to your life.

You may have similar, if not identical reasons for selling your company. Many people fear change, but we will help you on your way to new goals in life. Whether you’re troubled by arguments with a partner, the endless routine or long-term fatigue, we will help you find the right buyer for your company so you can start anew.

We understand company owners

We are professionals with over twenty years of experience in selling companies. We’ll negotiate the best deal for you. You will have individual attention and will always only meet with an executive of our company. We will meet you anywhere. We work discreetly. We will keep you regularly informed every step of the way. We won’t burden you with pointless details, but you will always know exactly where the situation stands.

We also work based on a success fee, where we are only entitled to most of our compensation after the successful sale of your company.

Get a fresh start with us. Fulfill the next goals in your life.